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Marc Lambrechts

Marc Lambrechts was born in Lier, Belgium. After studying at the Higher Sint Lucas Institute and doing world travel he obtained a scholarship to study printmaking in Bratislava, Slovakia (formerly Czechoslovakia). When he returned, he started working at the Center for Brussels Amateur Theater as a visual artist in charge of graphics and displays. He started getting acclaim for his printmaking work and worked with Moving Space Gallery in Ghent. He left for New York City in 1983 and took continuing education courses at Pratt Institute. He eventually got married and settled in New York City. Trained as a printmaker, he started to use those skills in painting. He worked as a freelancer in the graphic design and advertising industry. In the mid 1980’s, his work was selected to be shown at the SoHo Center for Visual Artists (New York) and a painting selected for The Aldrich Museum for Contemporary Art (Connecticut). Soon after, he was represented by Tibor de Nagy in New York City. His first exhibition was reviewed in Art News. In the meantime, he has had several exhibitions throughout Europe and the United States. His work has been collected by many private individuals and corporations including The Mint Museum of Art (Charlotte, North Carolina), Proteck Pharmaceuticals, David and Lucille Packard Foundation, and the Edward Albee Collection. His work has been reviewed in various publications such as New York Arts Magazine, New York Times, Arts and Entertainment, Le Soir, Trends, and Kunst and Cultuur. He has also curated shows and was a guest professor/ coordinator at the Higher Institute for the Arts (Antwerp, Belgium). He is featured in Aspects of Belgian Art after 1945 and Twenty Five Years of Graphic Art in Flanders, both by Willem Elias. Influenced by extensive travel to Southeast Asia and West Africa, his work has evolved to use materials from these areas.

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