110 5th st, Brooklyn 
NY  11215
6 - 8 pm

Condition Canal is Corban Walker’s first New York Show since 2009. The installation comprising of new metal sculptures, a wall drawing and some work from earlier years, will be on view at Gowanus Projects. Opening night on November 1st from 6-8pm.  Work will still be on show via appointment from November 2nd – 21st.


Artists Words:

The installations, sculptures and drawings I make relate to perceptions of scale and architectural constructs.  My specific philosophies of scale are fundamental to exploring the viewer’s awareness of their surroundings in conceptualizing, navigating, and interacting with the work.  

Navigating a conditioned site from a conditioned stature (Achondroplasia), and from a height of 129 centimeters, facilitates a re-evaluation of scale that I present to a wider audience. In sculpture, I combine an organization of rules with my physical orientation.

I’m interested in the contradiction of fabricating sculptures that present a partial view of its entity. Experiencing a partial engagement with an object or an obstructed element found in a defined space and other forms of denied access are things that we commonly respond to in very specific ways.

By contrasting my perception of the gallery, with ‘a correct proportion and measure,’ through a minimalist approach, I aim to introduce new elements to a discussion overlapping architecture and sculpture with an installation at Gowanus Projects. The installation will become a catalyst to articulate the vitality of form, comprised of stacked metal assemblages and wall mounted sculptural drawings, in a conditioned environment.

110 5th street, Brooklyn, NY, 11215   |   |   (347) 725 3696   |

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